Bio and Upcoming Projects

Poet Bio: Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, poet, Kellea Tibbs, has been writing since middle school. As a poet, who, over the years, has participated in writing completions, poetry slams, writing poetry blogs, and writing workshops. Somewhat of a late bloomer, much like the late and iconic writer Toni Morrison, it’s only been since recently, in her 40s, that Kellea has decided to pursue publishing her work, to share with the world. As a result, Kellea writes from the perspective of what she likes to call, “modern day adulting”, focusing on what life is like for the “40 and over” crowd, dating, single women, race, politics, breaking news, and pop culture. You can check out some of her poetry on the following sites:


Kellea is also a Higher Education professional currently living in Frankfort, KY. Her interests include event planning, writing, photography and cooking, as well as fitness and travel.

Upcoming Publishing Projects:

the april poems. SUMMER 2020

when self care isn’t enough. poetry for a pandemic. SUMMER 2020